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Motivate - The most popular use of the Love God Love AllTM Gear is personal encouragement toremember Christ's words. He told us to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself." Wear something that motivates you to do as Christ asked. Wear something that reminds you to live as a Christian example to others. Wear something that declares your faith.

Church Growth - In a day when churches struggle to be relevant to all and to truly reach out beyond their walls, there is a strategy that is remarkably innovative and absolutely Biblically sound. It’s the Love God Love AllTM Campaign. The sermon series and wristbands are designed to work together to touch your congregation and reach out to all in your community.

Youth Groups - Youth groups around the nation use the bands as outreach. They wear them and give them away at home and on mission trips and special events. There is probably no other age group in which these bands are more popular - for personal style, fashion, and trendiness. The Love God Love AllTM Wristbands combine a great message with the most popular trend today.

Mission Trips - It's always a challenge to find a new and effective way to tell people that God loves them and so do you. The Love God Love AllTM Wristband is an easy tool for any the beach, in your home town, even overseas in a foreign country. Love God Love AllTM Wristbands come in Spanish and can be translated into other languages, too.

Sharing - The Love God Love AllTM motto is "Believe, wear and share." There are few concepts that are more powerful and effective than believing that God loves us and that we should love all. Because of this, we wear the wristbands daily, giving them to others when we are called to share the message. It is truly a lifestyle to believe, wear and share this greatest of all messages.

Sports Teams - Your team stands for something. Now you can tell the world about it. Whether you are on the field or at home, on the court or at a restaurant, in the gym or at the can unite as a team by wearing your colors in a wristband that declares that your team loves God and loves all. The wristbands are approved for wear during most sporting events. Unlike jewelry or other bracelets, you can wear the wristbands in the shower, while playing sports, and while you’re sleeping...In fact, you can wear the wristband all the time...because you never stop believing in God’s love.

Sunday Schools - Many times, smaller groups make a commitment to study the Ten Commandments or the greatest commandments of Christ with the Love God Love AllTM Campaign.

Teaching - How can we teach our children, ourselves, and our peers about the greatest commandments of all? It's easy with the Love God Love AllTM Wristbands and Sermon Series. Wearing something every day that tells us to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves is the best practical teaching tool. Your church can go through a 6- or 12-week sermon series on the Ten Commandments, focusing on the greatest commandments. You can use these same wristbands as a powerful and relevant way to teach...there is nothing else like it!

Outreach - Want to do something new to reach your community with the Gospel? How about using the most popular trend in American right now? Use the popularity of wristbands combined with a sermon series on the Ten Commandments and the greatest commandments of Christ to reach out like never before!

Ministries - Reaching out to others is key to ministries. Love God Love AllTM Wristbands can feature your ministry and Web site on the inside of the band. This lets everyone know what they are supporting and why. Minister in a new way! Reach out with this innovative ministry tool! Men’s and Women’s Groups - Want to bring your group together? Imagine a men’s group getting excited about wearing camouflage wristbands. Or a women’s group wearing pink wristbands all for the cause of loving God and loving all. There are not many causes everyone can believe in and support. But everyone - men, women, and children alike - will be excited to believe, wear and share.

Clubs - How can you make yourself and your group look both together and unique? How about a wristband that declares the faith of your club in the color you want? With your club's motto or Web site on the inside? Love God Love AllTM Wristbands can do this for you.

Fundraising – Tired of donuts, candy, and car washes? Churches, schools and other groups can buy the bands at one low price and sell them to others at a higher price. The difference is earned for your organization and fundraising cause. Raise money with a tool that not only generate funds, but shares your faith. Is it possible to witness and raise funds at the same time? With the Love God Love AllTM Wristbands, it is!

School Spirit - Does your school need to get fired up? Do they need a charge that everyone can believe in? Are you stuck in the boring rut of the school year? Love God Love AllTM Wristbands can break that rut with the most popular trend combined with the greatest message of all. You can put your school Web site, name, or spirit slogan on the inside of the band. Let all who wear it know that your school is united in loving God and loving all.

Small Groups - Small groups are sweeping the nation! Groups of church members, friends, and neighbors are joining together in record numbers to grow, learn, and support one another. There is no greater message in support of caring and unity than Love God Love AllTM. Get these unique wristbands for your members to encourage one another, to identify as a group, and to give away for outreach.

Witnessing - Like most people, do you struggle to find a way to start a conversation about your faith? Do you wish you had an easy way to tell someone that God loves them and so do you? Well, now you do.The Love God Love AllTM Wristbands are made for you to do just that – witness to those you know and don’t know more easily than ever before. Is there anything easier than wearing a colorful wristband that declares your faith? People will ask you what your wristband is for. You can tell them, "God loves us. I wear this wristband because it reminds me of that and how I need to love others as well." Then give your wristband to that person and tell them “this is my gift to you so that you will enjoy it and love God with me.” That’s it! With this simple action, you can affect someone’s soul for eternity! That person can look on the inside of the band and find this Web site. They will see the message on the front page that says “Did some one give you a wristband? Find out why.” When they click, the Gospel is presented to them. Check it out. This is a tremendous witnessing tool!

Events – Make events more special by offering a unique gift to each person in attendance. A concert, a youth gathering, a church social, an outreach day, and so many more events can be more memorable with a Love God Love AllTM Wristband on each wrist. They're affordable and attractive, and everyone enjoys them.X