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"As I travel in my work in Northern Iraq - from Baghdad to Afghanistan - one of the things that is amazing to me - it should not be, because God is doing this - is where I am seeing the Love God Love AllTM bracelets on wrists. These bracelets came to me in Tikrit, and I used that area to distribute the bracelets. But traveling, I see the bracelets everywhere - Balad, Kirkush, Ba'Qubah. I saw one on a person that I thought I would never see a Love God Love AllTM bracelet on. And I walked away thanking God and saying, 'God, nothing is amazing with You.' The camouflage color for the bracelets has been a HUGE hit! WOW - what a ministry!" - Steve, Department of Defense, working in Iraq

“It truly spread like wildfire and our church was at the center of this wonderful outreach. How terrific! It’s still amazing to think that while we were learning God’s purpose for our lives each week through a better understanding of the Ten Commandments, we were able to focus on others and witness to them.” - Church member, Anna

“When someone gave me a wristband and shared their faith with me, I welcomed it because it was so natural and frankly, non-threatening, that it made me want to get to know this person and visit their church. I did! I am so excited about my new found family at church. God has really used them to share His love with our town.” - Renee

"When I saw the Love God Love AllTM bands, I knew then that I had to bring them into my church! They are a wonderful witnessing tool. I showed the bands to my Youth Group and we decided to use these as a we raise funds for our group, we are able to witness! Everyone LOVES the bands. I feel that they make a statement for what we stand for. The bands also spark conversation...someone will see it and ask what it means. And there is your opportunity to witness. I highly recommend the bands!" - Eddie, Youth Minister, Wateree Baptist Church

"I'm a NYC public school History teacher in the Bronx. One of the things I'm trying teach my kids is compassion and understanding of others. The Love God Love AllTM band communicates this message to young people better than any of my lessons. I gave a Love God Love AllTM band to a few kids the other day, and now about half the school is wearing them. I ask my students before I give them the band, 'What does this mean to you?' And I hear the most amazing professions of young faith--in God and in helping others. What a simple, fun, and powerful way to share your faith with others!"Steve, New York public school teacher

"My brother Jose is fighting in Iraq and I'm so worried about him. My teacher just gave me a Love God Love AllTM band and I'm wearing it to remind me of my brave brother and his fellow soldiers. We're ordering more desert camo bands to send along with letters to my brother's unit in Iraq so they'll remember that we love them and are praying for their safe return." - Rosie, New York City 9th grader

"We took the bands to Cuba to use as an outreach tool. You would have thought we brought them gold. Every one wanted one... which gave us the chance to tell them about Jesus and God's love for them. Here is a picture of a family in which four of them accepted Christ and are now wearing the Love God Love All bands daily!" - Ryan Floyd, Outreach Pastor

“This is one of the easiest to use and most creative approaches to sharing personal faith in Christ that I have encountered in quite some time. They are calling this evangelistic outreach effort, Love God Love AllTM. A Sermon Series resource kit has been developed for churches to use. This is the kind of resource that churches can use and find so very helpful in offering others around them the good news that Jesus saves, Jesus saves! - B. Carlisle Driggers, Executive Director-Treasurer, South Carolina Baptist Convention

"The rise of the mission church is the biggest development in the North American church. It is a recovery of mission that calls followers of Jesus to join God in his redemptive mission in the world. I am happy for anything that reminds Christians that loving God and serving people is the heart of kingdom growth." - Reggie McNeal, Author

The Love God Love AllTM program drives us back to Christ's most basic command. It is a solid reminder of what we are called to be and to do. In a time when many Christians are simply filling their heads with more knowledge in an attempt to 'go deeper', it is refreshing to find a program that calls us back to the basics of Christian obedience. True discipleship displays itself in everyday living -- that's what Love God Love AllTM emphasizes.” - Dr. Devin Hudson, Lead Pastor, Grace Point Church, Las Vegas , Nevada

"There is no biblical call greater than the call to love God with everything we have. We are to reach out with that love to every man, woman, and child we encounter. Many believe that to be true, but struggle to understand how to do it, what that looks like in everyday life. This unique and exciting program teaches God's children how to live as His children. If you are tired of gimmicks and quick fixes offered for your spiritual life, Love God Love AllTM will lead you back to the heart of the Gospel." - Sheila Walsh, Women of Faith Speaker

“We handed out all 3,000 wristbands within the first four days! I ordered 3,000 more and they were gone within five days! We have since given out a total of 12,000 wristbands. It is truly amazing to think that with an average Sunday service attendance of approximately 500, we have handed out over 12,000 wristbands to our community. You see, there is nothing easier than wearing a wristband and having someone ask you 'What is that you are wearing?' When they ask, you tell them about your faith and give them the wristband that you are wearing. This is the simple yet profound beauty of the Love God Love AllTM ‘believe, wear and share!’ concept.” - Rev. Kevin, Sr. Pastor

“As a Pastor, I have seen great things take place in our church since we started the Love God, Love AllTM Sermon Sseries and bracelets. Our church averages 150 in Sunday School and we have handed out 3000 bracelets in five weeks. We have people who have never shared their faith excited because they have been able to do it with the bracelets. Our children in the local elementary school set a goal to give everyone in the school a bracelet, including the teachers, and they did. Our youth group has handed them out in three local high schools. Our adults and senior adults are using them. We had a 6-year-old handing them out at Broadway at the Beach and telling people about the love of God. It has inspired our church. The sermon series on the Ten Commandments has been received well and the messages are relevant. The sermon notes are excellent and are touching lives. I would highly recommend the kit because it has impacted our church in a Godly way.” - Rev. Mike, Pastor, Bethlehem Church

“If you want to try something really cool, relevant, and different that will impact your community with the truth of the Gospel, then I highly recommend you consider the Love God Love AllTM campaign for your whole church, youth group, or Sunday school class.” - Student Minister, Alden Ellis

“Wow! What an amazing 12 weeks we had! But for most of us, the 12-week sermon series was just the beginning. I still wear wristbands and give them away to others. It’s not ‘just’ a campaign, some wristbands, or even a series of sermons . . . it’s a way of life.” - Deacon Richard

"I like the wristband and it means a lot to me because of what it says. It says LOVE GOD LOVE ALL. And to me, that means that as we love all, we are then loved by all, and in doing so, we gain the love of God no matter what race, color, or creed we are." - HM3 Tony, Naval Hospital, Corpus Christi, Texas

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