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The Love God Love AllTM Gear:

Whether you wear it for style, support, fun, faith, or impact, it will encourage you to love God and love all every day in everything you do...and it will share your faith with all those who see what you're wearing. Wristbands are extremely popular based on Deuteronomy 6 that tells us to wear our faith as a sign on our hand. Tshirts, hats and other tools can be equally as powerful to help us make a habit of serving God with priority and loving others near us and far away. All the one of a kind Love God Love AllTM Gear shares your faith with others in an encouraging way.

The Love God Love AllTM Sermon Series:

This is a dynamic and innovative teaching series that includes sermon notes, pastor's guides, creative worship ideas, and outreach tools. It uses a remarkably fresh and meaningful approach to present its main focus, the Ten Commandments and the greatest commandments of all. This increasingly popular church growth campaign is designed to help churches grow. It motivates church members (senior adults and kids alike) to re-examine their priorities in life. It leads them through a study of where they spend their time and talents and what God expects of them. It also challenges each participant to reach out and share the Gospel with neighbors, friends, and family. Best of all, it makes it all easier than they ever thought possible.

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  • Pink wristband package
  • Light blue wristband package
  • White wristband package
  • Yellow wristband package
  • Red wristband package
  • Field camouflage wristband package
  • Dessert camouflage wristband package
  • Snow camouflage wristband package
  • Rainbow tie-dye wristband package
  • Gospel story wristband package
  • All the children of the world wristband package
  • Wide wristband
  • Hoodie
  • hat
  • tshirtX